Commercial Diesel vehicles and plant equipment have become highly sophisticated and require in-depth knowledge to confidently work on their on-board systems. Our HD training covers all aspects from CoF vehicle inspector, maximising scan tool diagnostics and Diesel exhaust after-treatment system diagnostics, through to foundational training including electronic fault diagnostics of diesel vehicles. 

The seminars within the HD pathway makes the increasingly complex onboard vehicle electrical systems simple to understand and easy to diagnose. 

Note: More training is coming soon. 

This course is a TEST COURSE Please do not enrol.  

Commercial vehicle diagnostics is a time-saving practice, in the modern workshop. In this training, you will learn practical insights and necessary skills to perform diagnosis on commercial vehicles using the latest Jaltest technology. 

Modern Truck Diagnostics will cover:

• Initial diagnosis through to fault code explanations and troubleshooting a vehicle by symptoms.

• How an ECU and scan tool communicate with each other. We discuss what can go wrong and how to overcome communication problems.

• Vehicle limiter adjustments. What is possible and what responsibilities must also be considered.

•  In-depth look at the information available directly through the tool. Including wiring diagrams, technical data and vehicle maintenance schedules.

• Coding common rail injectors, we explain why we carry out this critical task, what can go wrong and how it adversely affects the performance of other sensors and systems.

• We look at the oil quality sensor readings and how oil specs affect service intervals.

• The extended role of diagnostic equipment in the modern workshop.

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Cost: NZD 603.75 incl gst

This training is specifically for CoF Vehicle Inspectors who need to gain their RBM test certificate, and for technicians who need to gain confidence and extra knowledge in the use of roller brake testers.

The training is NZTA approved and includes a certificate.

We cover brake science, brake mechanics, grip, lading, legalities around CoF testing, test equipment inspection, the efficient + safe + legal use of any brand RBM and the use of Landata.

Course Content

  • Chapter 1: Background and Theory (5 videos)
  • Chapter 2: Performing an Actual Break Test (5 videos)
  • Chapter 3: Looking at Values and The Law (4 videos)
  • Chapter 4: RBM Applications (4 videos)
  • Chapter 5: Legal Requirements (4 videos)
  • Chapter 6: Application Faults (5 videos)

To enrol in this course
Cost without the training manual: NZ $295.00+gst (NZ $339.25 incl)
Cost with the training manual (57-page colour printed): NZ $344.50+gst (NZ $396.18 incl). Overseas shipping will include other chargers.